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HughesNet Satellite TV vs Cable - Making the Right Choice

Making the decision to switch from cable to HughesNet may seem to be a tough one, but it isn't. HughesNet has many features cable simply can't or doesn't offer. With HughesNet you receive a wider variety of channels, more value for dollar, and exceptional customer service. All of this is combined with digital quality images on every channel.

Over 15 million customers have already made the HughesNet choice!

HughesNet satellite

Benefits of HughesNet include:

More HughesNet Channels for Less

For less than $42 a month, the CHOICE Package offers over 135 digital quality channels. These include both your local channels and your regional sports network. With cable, the same monthly price brings you less than 100 analog channels. There simply is no comparison. Other programming deals and savings may be available.

Free and Easy Set-up

With a new HughesNet account, you are eligible for free delivery and set-up. A qualified technician will professionally install the satellite and four receivers you receive as part of the sign up package. There is no cost for equipment either with a twelve month subscription to the CHOICE Package. For additional information and savings opportunities on equipment.

Additional HughesNet Programming Benefits

Digital quality music channels are included with even the most basic HughesNet packages. Customers are also able to select from fifty-five Pay Per View options per day. Premium movie and sporting packages are also available for upgrade at any time. Many cable providers don't even offer these services.

Complete Digital Quality

Cable offers a few digital quality channels mixed with regular analog. HughesNet Programming is 100% digital on every channel, including local networks. This means every station is delivered in the sharp, totally clear resolution.

Exceptional Customer Support

JD Power and Associates have ranked HughesNet #1 in Customer Service for three consecutive years among Cable and Satellite Providers. Satellite also has fewer outages than cable, meaning your service is available more reliably. HughesNet also has programs to help you reconnect your service for free at your new home. Cable doesn't even come close.

High Definition (HD) Local Channels

Simply by adding an antenna, you are able to receive major network's High Definition (HD) programs available in your area. Receiving HD programs this way is completely free. There are also new programs available in HD as HughesNet continues to advance technology.

Free DVR Upgrade Available

The HughesNet DVR allows you to record up to 72 hours of your favorite programming. You can also pause, rewind or record shows at any time. Cable companies offer only a limited version of this feature. First time subscribers also have the opportunity to receive a free DVR upgrade.

Exclusive Sports Packages

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is only available through HughesNet Satellite. With so many HughesNet Sports packages to choose from, it is simple to follow your favorite teams. Many games are also available in HD.

Advanced Programming and Products

All HughesNet Programming and equipment options are available nationwide, unlike cable. HughesNet also has terrific International programming packages such as Spanish programming available nationwide. Cable offers programming on a regional level meaning it may not be available everywhere. Some cable companies don't offer HD or DVR services at all.

Legal: In cities where local off-air, high-definition programs are available; reception may vary based on geographic location. Programs not delivered in HD in all markets. To access HughesNet HD programming, a Triple LNB Multi-Satellite Dish, along with a HughesNet HD Receiver and HD television equipment, is required. Separate subscription required to NFL SUNDAY TICKET Superfan to view NFL SUNDAY TICKET games in HD.
Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately. Blackout rules and other conditions may apply to sports programming.

  Winner: YOU, when you drop cable & switch to HughesNet Satellite TV!

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